‘Zine No. 1 — Brighid

‘Zine No. 1 — Brighid


A quarterly set of ‘zines are going to be rooted in several characters that represent the divine feminine in a multitude of cultures. Here is the release of our first badass goddess/saint: Brigid (Brighid/St. Brigid of Kildare).

This is the first of those four – a solo artistic endeavor by Scott McCormick.

About Imbolc: Serving as a celebration welcoming the change to spring, Brigid was an integral character in the festival, providing light and the power to move the people from the harshness of winter to the warmth of spring. Brigid would be symbolically invited into the house and a bed would often be made for her. In the north of Ireland a family member, representing Brigid, would circle the home three times carrying rushes. They would then knock on the door three times, asking to be let in. On the third attempt they are welcomed in, a grand meal is had, and the rushes are then made into a bed or crosses.

Make sure to learn more about this incredible goddess turned saint…

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