A woman so loved that from one lyre there came
more lament than from all lamenting women;
that a whole world of lament arose, in which
all nature reappeared: forest and valley,
road and village, field and stream and animal;
and that around this lament-world, even as
around the other earth, a sun revolved
and a silent star-filled heaven, a lament-
heaven, with its own, disfigured stars —:
So greatly was she loved.

Model: Caitlin Blaine
Headdress by: Scott McCormick
Assistant: Joel Blaine

Photographed With
Large format: Graflex SpeedGraphic
Medium format: Mamiya RB-67, Hasselblad 500C/M
CatLabs, Kodak, and Ilford films


Eurydice was perhaps the most well-known Dryad, or tree nymph, who became the bride of Orpheus, a legendary hero known for his musical skills. While walking in the countryside, Eurydice met Aristaeus, the son of the god Apollo. Aristaeus tried to seize her. Eurydice fled but was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Overcome with grief at his wife’s death, Orpheus decided to go to the underworld and bring her back.


minor goddess of nature, usually represented as young and beautiful



Eurydice’s Descent

Orpheus gained entrance to the underworld by charming its guardians with his singing and playing of the lyre. The beauty of his music persuaded Hades, the ruler of the underworld, to allow Eurydice to return to the world of the living, but Hades made one condition: Orpheus must not look back as they left his realm. 

The story is that Orpheus turned around at the last minute because he loved Eurydice so much that he could not bear the thought that she might not be following him. But there may be another explanation. Perhaps, on his lonely trek up the path from the underworld, so movingly imagined by Rilke –

His senses felt as though they were split in two:
his sight would race ahead of him like a dog,
stop, come back, then rushing off again
would stand, impatient, at the path’s next turn,—
but his hearing, like an odour, stayed behind

Gallery images by Amanda Tipton Photography | FB- Amanda Tipton-Photographer | IG – @amandatiptonphotography


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