While that great monster slept, the hero took
the Golden Fleece; and proudly sailed away
bearing his treasure and the willing maid,
(whose aid had saved him) to his native port
Iolcus—victorious with the Argonauts.

— Iason et Medea


When the ship was ready, Jason asked the strongest Greek men to accompany him in his journey and in fact the prospect of a great adventure brought many to sail with him. Numbering fifty, the list of heroes was astounding. There were the most famous and brave men of all over Greece, all mighty fighters and some of them had also other skills. Among the Argonauts, we discern Hercules, who was renowned for his strength and agility; Castor and Polydeuces, brothers, boxers and horse tamers; Orpheus, skilled in playing excellent music with his lyre; Argos, the shipwright and lots of others legendary men. Without much further ado the heroes cast off and set sail for the inevitable, their death or glory.

Adventure and retrieval of the Golden Fleece

Photographed on

Digital: Canon 5DS


DigiBees With Impact 7′ Parabolic Umbrella & Paul C. Buff Strip Box


Models: David Clark
Makeup: Katie Webster

Meeting The Sirens

An uneasy feeling shrouded the Argonauts, as strange mellifluous music wafted over the waters, tugged at their hearts and they found themselves rushing towards the source. To their dismay, they found themselves amongst the Sirens. The Sirens were beautiful women who sat on rocks, seducing sailors with their irresistible songs. Unable to avoid the beauty of their sight and their song, the sailors would run their ships aground on the rocks and be killed.

The presence of Orpheus once more saved the Argonauts such a fate. He played his lyre far more powerful and captivating than that of the Sirens, breaking their enchanting spell. Finding that they were no longer affected by the Sirens’ charm, Jason and his friends rowed with all their might and well away from the rocks but unfortunately, Butes fell over. Lured by the Sirens, he swam towards the rocks and imminent death but miraculously, Aphrodite appeared out of nowhere and saved him.


One day, as an old man, Jason was sitting lost in reverie next to the dilapidated hull of his beloved Argo. The ship that had once seen fabulous adventures now creaked and groaned ominously as if bemoaning its existence. Jason, this glorious and tragic figure, had been so tired of living that he asked Zeus to show mercy on him. A lashing snapped and a beam fell on Jason, ending his life and making him a legend.


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